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0003406SAS.Планета[All Projects] Хотелкаpublic21-02-2019 10:4006-03-2019 14:07
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0003406: a tool for peak prominence
first I thought it would have two categories [Peaks and mountain pass(key saddle)]
then the "key saddle" point is assigned to the window "EDIT PLACEMARK"

it will better extend window options "EDIT PLACEMARK" (01PlacemarkEdit.jpg)
adding a row for an affiliate point. "mountain pass(key saddle)"
enter coordinates manually or by clicking on the map.

A: show distance (show both points)
show both points on the screen (02showdistance.jpg)

B: go to object

C: show on map
option to change icon for affiliate point
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jpg 01PlacemarkEdit.jpg (363,251) 21-02-2019 10:40
jpg 02showdistance.jpg (550,418) 21-02-2019 10:42
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add to Placemarks menu as "add special placemark".
this will only be used by those who need it.