How to use SAS.Planet. English guideline

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How to use SAS.Planet. English guideline

Сообщение Nartin » 16 сен 2014, 16:57

Please find guideline for SAS.Planet in English via this link ... 8d9a74ed77

SAS.Planet is a freeware, opensource navigation software with a capability of viewing and downloading of maps and satellite images of Earth from various on-line services.

SAS.Planet supports following services:
    * Google Maps
    * Google Earth
    * Bing Maps
    * Yahoo! Maps
    * Nokia HERE
    * OpenStreetMap
    * Wikimapia
    * Waze
    * Yandex Maps (the best for ex-USSR countries)
    * Mail.Ru Maps
    * 2GIS

Advantages of SAS.Planet:
    * Among big variety of services they are all different in terms of quality and formats which makes it difficult to find the right map.
    * SAS.Planet - all in one tool. The same area can be seen in one window for all available services. Browser is not required.
    * Downloaded images are stored in cache that reduces traffic next time for the same location. And previously loaded images can be used w/o Internet access.
    * Maps and satellite images can be automatically downloaded, stitched and saved as images (JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.) with georeferencing files (TAB, DAT, KML) and used in other GIS tools like MapInfo.
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Re: How to use SAS.Planet. English guideline

Сообщение zed » 16 сен 2014, 17:00

Currently the only English discussion: Setting up Google Maps and Google Earth for English Users

Please, correct link to
Хитрости GoogleEarth - то, чего вы не знаете о гугле
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Re: How to use SAS.Planet. English guideline

Сообщение Tolik » 16 сен 2014, 17:02

Nartin писал(а):SAS.Planet supports following services:

... and much more already available in repository ... et/ and on forum viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57
Even more services can be added by users.
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