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Purpose Wiki

This Wiki is designed to create the reference documentation for the program SAS.Planet by the joint efforts of users and developers.

Help Topics

  • Features
  • Setting up
  • Android instead of the GPS module
  • Possible errors and how to avoid them
  • Descriptions of custom maps format (ZMP)
  • How to use the bugtracker?
  • How to upgrade the version of the program?
  • How to download zmp?
  • Terminology
  • Coordinate Systems in SAS.Planet
  • Description SASPlanet.ini
  • Updating the program
  • Altitude
  • Cleaning the cache Berkeley


  • A list of map services and their description
  • How to determine the number of the current version of the maps or images?
  • How to download the desired scale and do not download unnecessary?
  • Referencing user maps to OziExplorer
  • Export cache in packed format SAS4WinCE/Android
  • Versioning Cache

For developers

  • Develop SAS.Planet
  • Plug-ins for SAS.Planet
  • Create maps
  • Display on the map arbitrary information (points, images, etc.) from the database
  • 1C and SAS.Planet

The rules for editing

Currently a free access is open to create and edit pages, I hope that will do without vandalism and will not have to close wiki!


Discussion of the structure and sections SAS.Wiki

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