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Веб-картография и навигация

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General information about the program

To download the maps you should do selection of chosen area (possibly non-rectangular), or just view around interested area of the map. Maps are updated quite frequently - the program will allow you to download only the new ones.

Main features of the program

In addition to viewing and downloading, the program provides the following useful features:

  • work with a GPS-receiver;
  • routing;
  • measuring;
  • map KML files;
  • support Panoramio;
  • formation of fill layer map - this feature allows to see the area on the map that you have already downloaded to the cache, or, conversely, that you have not got;
  • to save a part of the map in a single image, which you can view and edit in any graphic editor, and use in other GIS applications, for example, OziExplorer (a georeferencing file will be created for the program);
  • you can save all interesting areas and then easily retrieve them, as well as to make sure that they always appear on the map;
  • Overview Map - helps you easily find the location of the place that you are viewing, and quickly move to any other place on the map;
  • view map in full-screen mode - which is especially useful when a low screen resolution;
  • conversion of a single layer of all the previous ones - will significantly reduce your Internet traffic, for example, you can download your city only in 18 scale and all previous scales could create on this basis;
  • the option to export maps in a format supported by iPhone maps;
  • the option to export maps in a format supported by mobile Yandex.Maps version 3;
  • the option to export raster maps JNX, supported navigators Garmin;
  • loading and displaying Wikimapia data;
  • search places by means of Google and Yandex;
  • adding user-defined maps.

Software Requirements

The program does not require installation, just extract the archive to any directory on your hard drive - the program is ready to work. The following software requires for correct operation of the program:

  • Operating system Windows XP, Linux> = 2.6.31 + wine> = 1.3.14
  • Internet browser IE 6 or later version

Hardware Requirements

Minimum requirements:

  • CPU :?
  • RAM :?
  • Video Memory :?
  • monitor, keyboard, mouse

Recommended requirements:

  • CPU: 2.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Video Memory: 128 MB
  • monitor, keyboard, mouse

The package of maps is already included in the archive of the program, but as a part of the program is not updated frequently. They should be unpacked into a directory SASPlanet\Maps\, should look like SASPlanet\Maps\sas.maps\. Be diligent to avoid the duplications of maps.

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